We are excited to announce that we have  pipe organ concerts scheduled  during the summer

Have you seen our pipe organ before? Visitors are welcome anytime to stop by and see the organ. We would be happy to give you a demonstration. The Lake Leelanau RV Park pipe organ has three manuals and pedals, and consists of 61 ranks, for a total of 3,503 pipes. The instrument is a combination of a 1923 Moller and a 1967 Casavant. The shortest pipe has a speaking length of 3/8 inch, and the longest is 16 feet. There are two blowers which provide air to the pipes.


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Kristine Morris · July 5, 2014 at 12:40 pm

I’d like to do a story on the pipe organ concerts you are hosting this summer for the Grand Traverse Insider, and would like to interview
you about the series and its background. If you are willing, we could either do the interview by phone or via e-mail. Please let me know if either of these would work for you. I plan to attend the concert on the 6th and could take photos then, if all are willing.
Many thanks,
Kristine Morris, for the Grand Traverse Insider

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